Interested in learning how to read your own tarot cards? Join us for the Live Masterclass Replay with Psychic Medium and Transformational Coach, Rose Burnett.

This Live Masterclass is for beginners and those who want to read the Tarot and Oracle for themselves or Others.

Rose has 42K Astrology & Inspirational YouTube Channel with over 3.1 Million Views. Host of Ascended Masters Global Lightworker Community Group.

Before You Start…

It’s important to create the right environment that is high vibrational. This includes cleansing and raising the energy of your Tarot space with crystals, incense, candles and furnishings to create a beautiful ambiance.

In this Live Masterclass Replay on ‘How to Read Tarot’ we explore how to prepare to read the tarot, including:

  • Setting Up Your Environment
  • Choosing Your Tarot and Oracle Decks
  • How to put your energy into a new deck
  • How to learn a new deck
  • Pre-Shuffle and Getting Ready
  • How to infuse your Tarot & Oracle Decks with Crystal Energy
  • How to Call in your Spirit Guides and tap into Source Energy to receive accurate guidance.

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Different Ways to Read the Tarot

In the live replay, we discuss how to read the Tarot and Oracle in a variety of different ways, including:

  • 9 Card Spread — Past, Present and Future Predictions
  • Love Readings
  • Life Purpose, Career and Finances
  • General Energies

We dive deep into the right decks to choose for a reading and explain the type of cards to use for opening energies, points of focus, clarifiers, energy cards, healing cards and crowning energies.

We also look at how to create your own cards that help express your own knowledge, experience and wisdom in tarot readings.

Learn how to develop your psychic abilities to read the tarot intuitively and trust in the messages coming out.

Plus we explore the benefits of reading the tarot for yourself and others to help uplift your mood, inspire, heal and release blockages, and receive accurate guidance for your path.

Join us for Live Masterclass Every Friday on YouTube

If you enjoyed this Live Masterclass Replay, join us for the live event every Friday at 10.00 AM Perth (AWST Time) which is 1PM in Sydney, Australia. And Thursday afternoon from 5PM onwards in the USA.

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About Rose Burnett

Rose is a Certified Transformational Coach since 2012 providing expertise in mindset coaching, advanced communication, relationship advice, mind body soul balance, motivating and inspiring others. Rose is an advanced Reiki Practitioner and Psychic Medium at Tarot Readings World with 42K Inspirational YouTube Channel. Host of Ascended Masters Global Lightworker Community Group.

Digital Artist of Impressionist Art in Canvas & Acrylic Prints at Elisium Gallery .

Rose Burnett was Executive Contributor to the Brainz Magazine (2021–2022) and CREA Global Awards Recipient 2021 recognizing Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders in innovation, sustainability and their contributions to mental health.

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