The cosmic energies of May 2023 herald a major cleanse of matters related to the heart. This spiritual bath promises so much more in return that you could have ever dreamed of.

Find out what’s happening for your Star Sign in the May 2023 Tarot Forecast by Psychic Medium, Rose Burnett.

Aquarius — Miracle Abundance Was Always Meant for You!

The Universe propels you from a state of lack to deliver a much deserved Windfall! Aquarius this major blessing is a past-life gift that was always meant for you!

In love, you are manifesting a cosmic union that is destined for greatness! But not everyone is happy about your good fortune. Protect your energy from the envy of others, hostilities abound.

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WATCH TIME — 20:12 Minutes

Aries After Shock Exit True Love Arrives!

As hard as this was Aries, the Universe has a much bigger plan for you! This month is a time of healing and renewal.

After the shock exit of a former flame and hard karmic lesson, you rise to the top reclaiming your personal power and shoot for the stars in career and love! When one door closes in love, the true love you’ve been waiting for arrives!

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WATCH TIME — 19:25 Minutes

Cancer Shown their True Colours — It Aint Pretty!

There is a storm brewing with a very difficult person in your life. For some there is an argument over inheritance, where deceptive tactics come full cycle into the light. For others, a jealous Ex or family member shows their true colours.

Gemini hold onto your hat, this is not going to be pretty! The Universe has your back with protection, but healthy boundaries are necessary.

After the storm, you emerge like a shiny new Star! New adventures await, including travel, that help heal your heart and release this painful experience. Behind the scenes a miracle is brewing!

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WATCH TIME — 20:13 Minutes

Capricorn Getting Everything You Deserve & More!

A time of rebirth and major transformation is upon you Capricorn! You emerge from the chaos stronger, healthier and happier!

The fresh new start helps create more financial stability in your life and just when you least expect it, a beautiful new love arrives!

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WATCH TIME — 17:46 Minutes

Gemini High Alert! Super Jealous of Your Success & Abundance

You are so loved by the Universe that no matter what the challenge, you will succeed Gemini! As your success and popularity rises, there is a super jealous, hostile energy trying to derail your path.

It may be a friend or family member, operating out of judgement or fear. Set healthy boundaries or walk away if you need to Gemini but do not stop. This is your time to shine!

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WATCH TIME — 20:34 Minutes

Leo this Abundance is Crazy Good!

There is so much abundance coming your way Leo, its going to feel like rose petals are dropping from heaven! No matter what challenges and heartache you have been through, the Universe is stepping in to right the wrongs with major blessings.

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Libra Miracle Twist of Fate is Totally Unexpected!

You may have felt the energetic shift coming Libra, but what unfolds still comes as a shock!

While healing from a relationship breakup or closing out a major cycle, you can’t see the blessings coming towards you! Major victory is at hand in career, money and love.

A new opportunity arrives involving relocation, but a fresh approach is required. And the Universe is sending you a test in love to see if you have learned the karmic lessons you needed to learn.

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Pisces No More Toxic B*S Major Glow Up!

When you step out of the darkness Pisces and into the light, the whole world stops to see what you are going to do next.

With your new no-nonsense attitude, you see through illusions and shut down any B*S coming towards you!

This major glow up is attracting several promising suitors to your door! If you want love, its definitely coming! A time of rebirth and second chances at success.

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Sagittarius Healing Broken Heart & Trusting Yourself Again!

You may feel like you’ve made some mistakes in love Sagittarius, but spirit is asking you to let go of the past regret and step into the light!

This major cleansing of your emotional waters will help open you up to the blessings the Universe want to give you. From new opportunities in career to unexpected abundance, it’s time to claim your divine birthright!

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Scorpio Your Whole Life is About to Change!

Breaking free from an old karmic cycle that has dogged you for years Scorpio, you are ready to release toxic people and past obsessions.

Finding a clear path forward that opens up your abundance flow and power to manifest miracles! Just know that your whole life is about to change!

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Taurus Rising Out of Ashes to Claim Major Blessings!

Of all the Star Signs, Taurus you are being asked to dig deep this month to release the skeletons of the past. A major heart healing wants to happen for you!

You will no longer search outside of self for home, because you will have become home. Happy, balanced and ready for new possibilities and experiences. What comes next is guaranteed to shock and delight you!

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Virgo You Will Be Forever Changed After This!

Whilst it may not be easy, Virgo it’s time to let go and grieve. For too long you have been the strong one holding everyone up and now the Universe is asking for you to accept the pain, loss, and set your soul free!

For in the falling away comes the light of a new day. One that promises to give you so much more than it takes away. Will you allow this healing to take place?

What happens next will leave you forever changed.

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