If you have ever suffered childhood narcissistic abuse and neglect, that continued into adulthood this guided meditation is a message of hope, healing, empowerment, and grace. I hope it helps you with your healing journey.

Transformational Coach ~ Rose Burnett

Understanding Your Trauma Wounds

We can carry trauma from childhood and dysfunctional family relationships with us for a long time, especially if it’s painful to deal with.

It will keep resurfacing as triggers, poor coping mechanisms, and unhealthy behaviors and relationships in your life.

We can have deep feelings of shame, guilt and fear and not understand why.

We can confuse abuse with love because of trauma bonding with a parent. The abuse can be justified as ‘tough love’, so we have difficulty distinguishing between what is healthy and unhealthy in a relationship.

As children even if a parent is abusing you, you usually have no option but to turn to them for comfort and support.

Which creates its own set of challenges as the abusing parent usually lacks empathy and has difficulty understanding how they have hurt you.

Most parents even abusers, have moments of goodness. A child becomes used to being mistreated and accepts the abuse to get any sign of affection or positive attention from the abusive parent.

The child then spends a lot of their time trying to earn love from the parent. Giving their best but it’s not enough to get the love and attention they need.

The child learns to put the needs of others in front of their own. They also learn to have weak boundaries and usually suffer from low self-esteem.

As a child you may have been made to feel guilty for asking for your needs to be met, or simply had them ignored. So you learned you could not rely on anyone, except yourself.

As an Adult you may feel unworthy and fearful of getting your needs met, especially in relationships.

You may have a deep seated fear of abandonment, be hypersensitive to criticism and constantly feel like you need to prove yourself to be loved.

Attracting Narcissistic Relationships as An Adult

This unhealthy relationship with ‘love’ and being a ‘people pleaser’ makes you an easy target for narcissists as an adult.

You can keep recreating ‘trauma bonds’ in love relationships that feel familiar because of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect.

You may not even understand why you keep attracting Narcissists, Love Bombers, Players and emotionally unavailable people in love relationships.

At a conscious level you know a relationship is unhealthy for you, whether it is with a lover, family member, friend or in the workplace. But sometimes may feel a little hopeless or lost in how to change things.

Below the surface at a sub-conscious level you have childhood wounding and generational karmic imprints playing out.

If this message resonates with you, listen to this soothing healing message of empowerment and hope by Transformational Coach, Rose Burnett.

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DISCLAIMER: This Guided Meditation does not replace professional therapeutic support for narcissistic abuse recovery. Always trust your own judgement and seek advice from a qualified health professional for mental health issues, psychological and emotional recovery needs.


Rose is a Certified Transformational Coach since 2012 providing expertise in mindset coaching, advanced communication, relationship advice, mind body soul balance, motivating and inspiring others. Rose is an advanced Reiki Practitioner and intuitive Tarot Reader with 39.6K YouTube Channel on inspirational media.

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