Lunar Energies — New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon energy in Scorpio on 13th November 2023 opposes Uranus. Bringing with it the opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts.

We can feel bolder and stronger, ready to pursue our passions and goals with gusto. A great time to form new business partnerships and collaborate on shared projects.

A time of self-mastery and overcoming self-destructive habits and unhealthy relationship dynamics. Open and honest communication is favored in relationships and authentic expression of feelings.

Helping to heal relationships or clear out lingering energies that tried to return to you during the October eclipse season.

Watch out for impulsiveness and impatience and take time to balance your energy and emotions.

Full Moon in Gemini

The full moon in Gemini on 27th November 2023 opposes Sun in Sagittarius. Bringing a polarity between higher and lower states of consciousness.

On the upside, you are able to reflect and see things in a different way that brings more balance to a situation.

You can feel more adventurous and be open to trying new things and connecting with different social groups or situations.

New beginnings in relationships is highlighted. You will be able to discern who is good for you based on their ability to communicate with you openly and express their feelings.

November 2023 Tarot Forecast for Your Star Sign

Get your in-depth guidance for love, money and general energies in the November 2023 Tarot Forecast by Psychic Medium, Rose Burnett.

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Aquarius Love Wins Always…Universe Serves up Karmic Justice!

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Aries When You Rise Universe Responds with Major Blessings!

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Cancer Relax…Abundance Confirmed Big Time!

What You’ve been waiting for….finally arrives! Cancer watch your November 2023 Tarot Reading now >>

Capricorn BIG Breakthrough *Love *Job Change *Health

Life Changing Month…Watch your Capricorn November 2023 Tarot Reading now >>

Gemini Money Miracle…Life Changing Time!

The moment everything changes! Watch your Gemini November 2023 Tarot Reading now >>

Leo Big Reveal…Manifesting Abundance & True Love!

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Libra Crossroads…Life Changing Decision to Make!

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Pisces Jealous Saboteurs…While You Shine Bright!

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Sagittarius Lucky Break OMG *Double Abundance*

Everything Changes for the Better! Sagittarius watch your November 2023 Tarot Reading now >>

Scorpio So Much Abundance, So Many Blessings!

This propels you forward in the right direction! Scorpio watch your November 2023 Tarot Reading now >>

Taurus Circus of Love comes to Town *Life Changing*

This is unlike any other love you have experienced! Watch your Taurus November 2023 Tarot Reading now >>

Virgo Welcome Relief…Money, New Job & Sweet Love!

You’ve been waiting for this…Watch your Virgo November 2023 Tarot Reading now >>

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