A Spiritual Awakening is life-altering. You will simply not be the same person anymore. For a time, people may not relate to you like they once did nor understand you because you have changed and grown so much.

It can feel confronting, confusing, enlightening, and joyful, all mixed into one.

The process of a Spiritual Awakening is often triggered by a significant life event like divorce, relationship breakdown, major illness, unresolved trauma, financial loss, death of a loved one, or emotional crises.

Spiritual Awakening - Article by Rose Burnett @ tarotreadings.world

The trigger is the wake-up call that something in your life needs to change for you to live a happier, healthier, and more emotionally fulfilled life.

What does a Spiritual Awakening feel like?

A Spiritual Awakening involves living in a heightened state of awareness and consciousness.

You will feel more connected and open to all that is. Like the spirit world, universe, nature, animals, earth, stars, lunar cycles, astrology, natural therapies, past lives, and your ancient history, soul tribes, and ancestors.

You can feel drawn to learn more about energy healing, sound therapy, meditation, yoga, naturopathy, tarot and the oracle, and other types of healing modalities.

Your intuitive, empathic, and psychic abilities are heightened. And you start spending more time in solitude in nature, doing your spiritual practices, and living a healthy lifestyle.

You can feel more centered, balanced, and calm and set healthy boundaries around your time, energy, and emotions. As a result, the impacts of negative life experiences and toxic people start to affect you less.

Feelings of lack are replaced with more faith and trust in the Universe.

You can appreciate the beauty and wonder of life and are grateful for the experiences that have led you to become the strong, enlightened, divinely beautiful being you are now.

And you can share those experiences to help others.

You can experience more synchronistic events and feelings of déjà vu like places you have been before, connections with certain people, and know things without knowing how you know them.

Your ability to see and intuit signs from spirit increases, and you can connect with others in the physical and spiritual worlds on an energetic level through time and space.

There can be a return of your DNA Light Codes of your past life information, including soul tribe connections on earth and in the stars, your divine gifts and talents, and latent memories stored in your Soul Light from past lives.

There will be a burning desire to discover your divine life purpose for what you were born in this lifetime from an enlightened state. The path that allows you to be in flow your passions, heart, intuition, divine gifts, and talents.

At the highest level, you may wish to give back to humanity to create global change and leave a ‘legacy’ behind that will benefit future generations to come.

There is often a softening of your ways towards others. You come to understand that everyone is on a different path and what is right for them is not necessarily what is right for you.

You can experience more compassion and empathy towards others and a desire to help or be in service.

You decide to live in the most authentic way possible for you to be in flow and strive to live in the present moment as much as possible.

Why does a Spiritual Awakening feel so confronting?

When you go through a Spiritual Awakening, which can last months to years, it can feel lonely and confusing and sometimes deeply saddening.

Because to raise your vibration on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level to live at your highest potential, you must face your shadow side.

To fill our energetic and spiritual body with more light, we need to release deep-rooted emotional pain, karmic imprints, and attachments, trauma, and insecurities that can go right back to childhood.

Which often show up as self-sabotaging behaviors in relationships, co-dependency, low self-esteem, addictions, victimhood, anxiety, stress, fears, being closed off emotionally, overly protective of self and others, and more.

It means taking stock of your life, the failures, the losses, and taking responsibility for Self in how you showed up in life and the decisions you made.

The release process is cyclic, like peeling the layers of an onion back. When you feel like you have healed and made peace with the past, something will create a trigger that makes you realize you have more healing and release to do.

And living in a balanced state emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually requires you to cultivate daily practices that support your wellbeing and help you cope with the daily stresses of life.

It is an ongoing journey.

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides and Ancestors

Connecting with your Spirit Guides can also be confusing when you first start. However, there are psychic development courses that you can do and guided meditations that will help with this process.

From my own experiences, in my first Reiki course, I first connected with one main spirit guide but could feel the presence of two more, even though I could not see them.

Over the past six years, through regular spiritual practices and in my healing practices with clients, I have been able to call in and connect with hundreds of thousands of beings of light.

This includes spirit guides of clients, ancient master healers and elders, crystal divas, star peoples, ancient gods and goddesses, Gaia, angels, archangels, and the presence of God — As well as ancient soul tribes, star peoples, ascended masters, shamans, my ancestors (human and animal passed over), past-life soul connections, soul tribes, the divine collective consciousness, and more.

I am spiritual but not religious. From a personal level, I have always believed we have limitless possibilities. There is no barrier to what we can create, do, or be.

When you have an open mind and foster faith and trust in what you see and interpret, you will discover there are limitless possibilities for your Soul Light to connect with Universal source energy and all that is.

You can do astral travel, receive accurate spiritual guidance, and energetically connect to anyone (human, animal, or spirit) in the earthly and spiritual realms.

Whilst living in an enlightened state can feel truly wonderful, you want to avoid overthinking, or delusion states around spirituality. Remember to remain grounded in your physical body and daily life.

Yes, you may be an Angel having a human experience, but you still need to live here on earth.

Alright, my beautiful people, I am signing off. I hope you found this guidance on spiritual awakening useful.

Much love and Blessings, Rose Burnett

This Article was originally published in Brainz Magazine


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