If you didn’t know…being an Empath is a magnet for Narcissists. Within families, love relationships, friendships and in the workplace.

Let’s explore why?

What is an Empath?

Empaths are highly intuitive and can read a room with incredible accuracy which can instantly trigger a Narcissist who likes to wear a mask.

Empaths have a strong presence, they are confident and high vibing. They are sensitive to the emotions of others and feel their own emotions deeply.

People find it comforting to be around an Empath because they deeply care about others, including the underdog.

They look for the best in people and can take on the role of a ‘rescuer’. Empaths tend to put the needs of others first and often give too much.

Which makes them highly attractive to a Narcissist, who tries to dominate and control them.

On the downside, Empaths can suffer from fatigue, depression and anxiety because they have difficulty saying no to others. They need their alone time to recharge and it’s important for Empaths to have good boundaries.

Empaths are highly creative, visionaries and find it difficult to conform in normal jobs. They are great problem solvers and idealists and struggle to understand why people can’t just get along.

They rarely lose faith despite the challenges and problems they face, often making them catalysts for healing change in others.

Empaths are spiritual but not necessarily religious, and work from their higher states of consciousness.

What is a Super Empath?

Super Empaths have honed their intuitive and psychic abilities to an advanced level.

They are difficult to fool and others will find it incredibly difficult to maintain a false mask with a Super Empath. They will often mirror back to the wearer what they are trying to hide and have no problem calling a person out on any falseness.

Super Empaths are empowered, loving and strong.

They are self-reliant and independent emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. They will not allow a Narcissist to project their toxicity on to them.

Which often makes them the target of narcissistic abuse in families, friendships, the workplace and love relationships.

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